PW Carousel/Slider Post Layout For Visual Composer



PW Carousel/Slider Post Layout For Visual Composer
Key Features

System Requirement : Visual Composer
Clean Design
Responsive Layout
WPML Plugin Support
3 exclusive Layout

Carousel You have Verical/Horizontal Carousel

Skin : 2 Skin because of carousel
Teaser Layout: Easily stretch out and decline and exchange item`s share position
Meta Color : Choose meta shade because of Vertical/Horizontal Carousel
Read More Type : Read more Button yet Read greater Link
Carousel Effect : We supply IV effetcs because Carousel`s Items. Test or enjoy!

Text Carousel

Elastic Slider
Hide Excerpt If ?YES? Slider Excerpt intention stay removed.
Hide Show More If ?YES? Read more Link within slider choice lie removed.
Link or Excerpt Font size Choose Font greatness because Link and Excerpt.

Build Query : You execute pick statistics source(post,custom post,page,?),number concerning items yet system by. Then thou be able filter them via category,Taxs and ?

Choose statistics source Select post sorts after replenish posts from. Note: If no put up kind is selected, WordPress will utilizes absence ?Post? value.
Post Count : How many teasers in conformity with show? Enter quantity and phrase ?All?.
Order By : Select how according to kind retrieved posts. More at WordPress codex page
Categories : Filter yield with the aid of posts categories, join category names here.
Tags : Filter yield by using posts tags, unite tag names here.
Taxonomies : Filter yield by means of customized taxonomies categories, enter category names here.
Individual Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types : Only entered posts/pages will remain protected of the output. Note: Works between combination including choice ?Post types?.
Author : Filter by author name.

Hide/Show Excerpt between items
Image Effect
Icon Effect
Choose depend over item because carousel
Unlimited coloration pattern : You do pick multi pattern for thine Carousel
Lightbox for (Custom)Posts image
Full power into Carousel/Slider

Carousel Item Per View Choose Item through view
speed Choose Item by view
Hide prev/next buttons If ?YES? prev/next monitoring choice keep removed.
Slider loop Enables/Disable loop mode.

Other Options

Display Latest Post
Display Oldest Post
Display only category`s posts
Display Author`s posts
Enter Date Format
And ?.


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