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MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro
A simple-yet-powerful tool because of developing short links, cover arm links. Ideal because of social distribution yet more.
URL Shortener is the most muscular tool because developing beautiful, short URLs. Hide section links, portion long links concerning convivial media or accomplish you URLs easier according to remember. It?s fast, husky and perfect because getting extra clicks and higher engagement! We know you are always looking for methods according to create extra income beside thy website. That?s in what MyThemeShop is continually approach up along products in accordance with help you get more. We are very existing in regard to the WordPress URL Shortener plugin or we are sure you are excited according to uses it too. Not only does URL Shortener Pro cleverly assist ye contract thine long, boring URLs, that provides you with tonnes of selections too. With WordPress URL Shortener Pro, ye be able setup JavaScript redirects, Cloaked redirects, HTML Meta Redirects, between additions in conformity with 301, 302, and 307 header redirects. Link Cloaking is probably the auspicious function you should have requested for. You can utilizes such to show a specific URL over mouse loiter or bear that absorb the traffic according to a special URL. This is Faithful for merchandising your section links. You be able uses our plugin in imitation of hide affiliate links then organize them between categories and to that amount ye execute without difficulty discover to them within the future. URL Shortener Pro because of WordPress loads your shortened URLs upto 40% faster than somebody other plugin who skill our plugin is shining speedy or places the opposition in accordance with shame. It mill including entire the topics out at that place or that has a at all neat inhalant because of Pretty Links plugin namely well. If ye don?t as our plugin, you do change again according to Pretty links along just a not much clicks. But, we are relatively assured so once thou utilizes URL Shortener Pro, you intention not ever need in accordance with walk again to whatever you were the use of before. You may assemble a extend for redirects so well. You perform show a tidings whilst you visitors are existence instituted according to the shortened link. If you hold aged our uninterrupted URL Shortener plugin among the past, thou do change according to the Pro version at all without difficulty yet retain whole thine short links then stats. Speaking on stats, we have built-in an superior Stats quantity in conformity with edit such lots easier then illustrative. We bear brought graphs in imitation of show ye who links are getting how many deep hits then beside where.

Create Short URLs in a Jiffy
View All Short URLs
Customize Short URL Slug
Define Target URL
40% Faster Than Other Shorteners
Choose a Redirection Method
301, 302, then 307 Header Redirect Options
Redirect With JavaScript
Redirect With Meta Refresh Tag
Redirect With Invisible iFrame
Cloak Shortened URLs
Customization Options
Hide Affiliate Links
Extremely Easy-To-Use Interface
Organize Links of Categories
Replace Text With Short Links
Link Keywords in imitation of Shortlinks
Open Links within a New Window
Define ?Title? because Short Links
Customize Anchor Text
Forward Parameters
Choose Default Redirection Method
Preview Links
Add ?Nofollow? Tag after Short Links
Add ?Noreferrer? Tag after Links
Show Different URL concerning Hover
Add Links Using Shortcodes
Set Up Redirection Delay
Bulk Replace Links within Old Content
Import beside Pretty Links Plugin
Easy-To-Understand Stats With Graphs
Export Short URLs Easily
Included Hooks for Advanced Users
and much, a lot more.


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