5sec Snow



5sec Snow
Beautiful, easily configurable frost because some internet site into just a not much clicks.
#1 top promoting Christmas / ice monument regarding CodeCanyon! Updated because of 2018!

WordPress yet non-WordPress versions bundled
works along every themes, CSS frameworks yet site layouts
flakes don?t cover vile factors of the page; ye may click thru them
melting yet rotating consequences because of brought realism
8 selections because frost customization
8 flake kinds consisting of varicolored affords or Christmas ornaments
flakes execute stay became of hyperlinks because retention sweepstakes or easter egg kind games
auto-disable ice concerning preset date
snow execute keep incapable regarding mobile devices
per-user snow disabling ? somebody user execute disable ice agreement that doesn?t like it
highly optimized jQuery code, solely 3Kb
very effortless in imitation of deploy about non-WP sites


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